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Eric Brophy has been published in such industry trades such as the NJ Cooperator, the Seton Hall law Reviews and as Editor of the Seton Hall Journal of Sports Law.

Mr. Brophy has published several articles in the NJ Cooperator, a New Jersey Community Association publication. The is an online edition of The New Jersey Cooperator newspaper. The publication serves the New Jersey condo, HOA and co-op community with thousands of free articles on management, finance, maintenance and more. Some of those articles are listed here:

December 2013 Edition

NJ Cooperator December 2013 Edition

Fining for Pets and Other Violations

August 2010 Edition

NJ Cooperator August 2010 Edition

Theft Liability

January 2010 Edition

NJ Cooperator January 2010 Edition

Fine Schedule

September 2009 Edition

NJ Cooperator September 2009 Edition

Camera Dispute

April 2009 Edition

NJ Cooperator April 2009 Edition

Door Alarm

October 2008 Edition

NJ Cooperator October 2008 Edition

Board Operations and Overspending

June 2007 Edition

NJ Cooperator June 2007 Edition

Q&A: Courtyard Rules

September 2007 Edition

NJ Cooperator September 2007 Edition

Unresponsive Board

Seton Hall Journal of Sports Law

Seton Hall Journal of Sports Law

The Seton Hall Journal of Sports and Entertainment Law

Seton Hall Law Review

Seton Hall Law Review

The Seton Hall Law Review is an independent, student-edited journal that publishes four issues in each volume, typically amounting to well over one thousand pages per year.