Community Association Law

Diegnan & Brophy counsels to association boards of trustees, management companies and to contractors to make sound business decisions.

Eric D. Brophy, Partner, chairs Diegnan & Brophy, LLC’s, Community Association Law Practice Group. As a board member, counsel to association boards of trustees, counsel to management companies and counsel to contractors, Mr. Brophy and his group has the ability to view issues from all perspectives. This allows for well thought out advice to our clients and sound business decisions.

With the rise of housing costs in New Jersey, many are foregoing traditional home buying and are choosing life in a common interest association instead. That is, the percentage of New Jerseyans living in condominium and cooperative associations has skyrocketed over the past two (2) decades. Despite their growing importance, most association boards do not fully understand their responsibilities. Although acting as a “quasi-government” many board members do not have a complete understanding of their legal duties and obligations to either the State of New Jersey or to the home owners they represent.

In representing its community association clients, Diegnan & Brophy, LLC:

  • Provides legal guidance/support to the Board to ensure that it acts in accordance with its fiduciary duties and responsibilities.
  • Drafts new resolutions that enforce and enhance the governing documents of an Association.
  • Interpret sthe Association’s governing documents and assist in the day-to-day functioning of the association, its board, and its various committees.
  • Provides collection services that will SUCCESSFULLY collect outstanding fees from the most seriously delinquent owners by providing unique collection options.
  • Is accessible to the owners at association meetings to answer legal questions as they pertain to condominium law and condominium living.
  • Represents the association in a manner consistent with State and Local Laws to aid successful interaction and negotiations with local, municipal, and state government officials when necessary.
  • Drafts and Reviews Vendor contracts that best protect the Association and its members.

Diegnan & Brophy, LLC, has the knowledge, experience and desire to aid boards and the associations they represent. The everyday affairs, problems and concerns that face condominium boards are similar in many instances. However, Diegnan & Brophy, LLC, has the resources to help those boards facing even the most unique and diverse situations.